September 2nd, 2010
Monkeypox and other developments

* “Sir, as police officers, we’re concerned about your well-being. Now come with us to the hospital or we’ll taze you.” Sadly, not a joke.

* Swine flu? Where have you been? The cool kids are all worried about monkeypox now.

Five hundred people collapsed one morning in a crowded field, and nobody knows why.

* I’m interviewed about BLOOD OATH by Cheryl Nason here, and by John Raab here. Also, if you’ve read the book, why not buy the T-shirt?

* My pals Borys Kit and James Hibberd have the scoop on the long-anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

Woman moans about her car, totalled by a man falling 400 feet in a suicide attempt. Lady, you do realize the reporter was writing down what you said, right?

* What, again?